Reframe and Reset When Feeling Stuck

One bad event can make us feel lost.

We can get back on track naturally.

But a better way is to get unstuck on purpose.

The way to do it is with a set of reset activities.

These vary on how bad was the thing you want to get out of and the time frame you have to reset.

If you just had a bad morning and now you want to get back on track then you can use the space between the next quadrants after a morning which are midday, evening, and afternoon.

Good reset activities between these quadrants are workouts, going for a walk, listening to music, and taking a bath.

If you had a bad day, and don’t want to waste the next day or entire week because of this, then the above reset activities will work fine.

If you had a bad month, or quarter then you’ll likely need a longer reset and that may include enrolling in a creative or mindfulness program that is totally unrelated to what you do day to day, changing your environment by traveling to your places and taking a 1-3 months vacation.

The lesson here is that if you blow a day, week, month, quarter, or year, you don’t have to waste the next one.

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