Do in Months, What You Plan To Do in Years

You don’t need YEARS to achieve most of your goals.

You can do it in MONTHS.

Six months remain this year.

Think and plan how you can finish in 2022 what you planned to do/achieve by 2025.

Your goals can be in different areas of your life.

Here are five ways to supercharge your revenue goals.

1/ Build partnerships to create 10x distribution for whatever you sell

2/ Go deep on what’s working for your revenue goal

3/ Stack your income streams by the speed of revenue generation and focus on what creates maximum revenue

4/ Offer your longstanding customers/ subscribers a special price for paying upfront for a quarter/six months or a year

5/ Leverage social media platforms where the algorithm favors consistent and quality creators like TikTok, LinkedIn, and Twitter. The algorithm can take your message and offer it in front of a massive audience in a short time once it starts clicking.

Figure out how you can do the same for your other goals.

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