Why I Committed to Twitter Again and Why You Should Do It

I was one of the first 100 Indians on Twitter.

Joined it soon after the launch.

I used it to chat with friends, like everyone else then.

With time, users innovated newer use cases emerged – learning, sharing what you are learned, growing an audience, and building a business on its back.

The use of threads and increased 280 character limit also fueled these.

I have wanted to hop back on for a while, but life always came in the way or so it seemed.

Then on Jan 1st, I started again.

And I’ve loved it.

If you’ve been on the fence about using it, here are the reasons to do it now.

Why Use Twitter?

It is an excellent source of learning and information.

It is a super-efficient way to build a network. I’d say it’s better than LinkedIn.

It can help you win business. Way back I used Twitter to win a business relationship that turned out to be worth more than $50,000. It was a tidy sum for me back then.

It makes you a better writer because you have to limit what you say to 280 characters and still convey your message.

It is simple enough, text-only, and most people find it easy to write than record and publish video or audio.

It is not a slow burn. If you do it right and have a bit of luck on your side, you can grow exponentially on Twitter. But, of course, you have to put in the work.

I have seen people grow their follower base by 10k followers overnight just by a thoughtful mention in a thread on must-follow Twitter users by another influential Twitter user. I have even seen people go from almost nothing too close to 100,000 followers inside a year.

Last but not least, because your customers are here.

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