Two Ways To Meet New People

Outbound and inbound.

When you build in public, write and share your art, and work you attract attention and build inbound interest in your work.

One is not better than the other. 

Both have their places in the world.

For example, if you wait to attract attention and do not reach out to connect you may miss out on an opportunity to build strong relationships.

And by only relying on outbound, and reaching out to people, you limit your potential because there are only so many you can reach out to on a given day.

So use both.

Show your work, do it every day, and build inbound attention and community around what you do.

And, reach out to people, inside your community and outside, who are the right fit, to build relationships. Also, because people who are more successful than you won’t come to you – you would have to seek them.

Attention will increase demand for what you do, and relationships will help unleash the value you have.

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