The Magic of Writing Online

Writing online has made me a productive writer.

It has helped me make new friends and kickstart ideas for new books.

I have also won new business and built new revenue streams thanks to my writing.

That’s not all.

If you are considering writing online for personal or professional gains, please know that,

  • Writing helps build the discipline in creating and shipping what you create.
  • Writing helps you teach what you know, so it builds your brand
  • It also clarifies your thoughts, and when you have clear thoughts, your communication outside online publishing also becomes better.
  • It is also relatively low effort and high impact. Because what you write and publish can continue to work weeks, months, and years after you wrote it.

Also, don’t underestimate the impact of what you are publishing.

One blog post or even a single tweet (or a thread) can change your growth trajectory.

You don’t know which tweet, essay, or blog post will do that for you, so post consistently.

Over time you’ll see the value compound. And focus on improving a bit with each post. 

So share what you know, learn more, and repeat. Meet interesting people, learn about them and share your work with them. When you do that consistently, new doors of opportunities will open for you – doors we didn’t know existed.

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