The Intentional Creator

If you are active on social media, you will find a lot of prolific creators.

But if you talk to them, you’ll realize only a handful are profiting from their content.

They have built a habit of creation, and they are good learners.

But they are not selling what they make.

It has to do with ego and fearing what if they fail.

But it is also because they are not intentional about profiting from their content and knowledge.

If you are at this stage in your journey as a creator, please understand that creating for the sake of creation = time pass.

And there are better ways to pass the time, like spending time with those you love.

If you are taking the time to create, let there be an outcome.

And, money is a good outcome, unless you think otherwise.

To be a profitable creator, create with intent and do these three things.

  1. Create content in an area where you have proven expertise. Start with 2-3 areas of expertise and stick to 1-2 where you enjoy creating content.
  2. Learn who you want to help with your content. Learn more about them.
  3. Identify what you need help with to get to your goal faster. Then, find experts in those areas and learn from them.

When you do the above, people will start asking you questions and sharing their problems. 

This happens after a while in your creator’s journey. People asking you questions is a sign that you have reached content-market fit because it means your audience thinks you can solve their problem.

When enough people, I’d say 5-10 every week, start asking you questions about a single topic, that is the right time to launch an offer (product/service) in that area.

When you do that, you go from being a creator to being an intentional (profitable) creator.

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