A Faster Path to Money for Creators

Most creators are reliant on views, subscribers, and followers for turning the attention they have into money.

This takes a long time, because it takes a lot of time to attract the kind of attention that when converted into money can create an income that one can live off.

A better way is to not rely on attention alone to make money, but add a product to the mix.

Then use content to prove your skills and what you know, and you can use your product to monetize your skills.

Such monetizable skills are not too hard to find.

If you have a skillset that you can use to do things , understand things or make things, you can monetize it.

Are you a YouTuber who makes dance videos? How about you teach that to others, in a smaller group. I see someone who does this, from close quarters. Just last month she generated $19k by doing this. And, I have no doubt that she will be doing $30-50k/month in the next 2-3months.

Rolling well on Instagram? Teach it to others.

You can take it even further by using the content marketing powered funnel, I shared earlier.

If you are in a similar situation, what is stopping you from not doing it?

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