Priming YourSelf for Doing Your Best Work

The opportunity to do meaningful work is something to be grateful for.

Because it gives us a chance to grow and make an impact. Does not matter if the impact we are making is small or big.

It is tough to understand this when we are overworked, sleep-deprived, preoccupied with multiple things and underfed or craving for nutrition.

So, once we have understood the importance of doing meaningful work, we should work on priming ourselves to do our best work.

How To Prime Ourselves For Good Work

We do our best work when we are focused, not too full, have energy in our body and mind, and are not worrying about 5 other things.

  • Sleep well.
  • Sit well.
  • Breathe well.
  • Do not eat too much.
  • And, focus on the task at hand. Instead of worrying too much about other things are going. Be fully present with your body, mind, and attention.

If you do this you will come with your best work, probably in less time than usual. Worth trying, right?

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