Dream, Resolve and Act

We all dream.

But only a few of us resolve to do something ie they decide firmly on a course of action.

Then a much smaller number of people actually take action on what they resolved to do.

That is why many smart, well-meaning people don’t achieve what they want to.

By working on each one of these we can affect our chances of success.

Larry Kim, the founder of WordStream (sold for $150 million), said this during an AMA:

.. i knew I wanted to start a company but didn’t know what it would do. if I was doing it again, I’d make even bigger bets.

I have seen many successful founders share the same sentiment.

So, the size of the dream matters.

But you can multiply the scale of your success, through swift and consistent action. When you go faster than others you get to make more mistakes in the same time period and get closer to success sooner. Also, momentum brings other advantages like attracting people who can help you.

Like dream and resolve is internal and one can improve the power of one’s resolve by taking action on anything you plan to do. It is like keeping your own promises to yourself.

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