Erase to Focus

A new day is a new beginning.

It’s nature’s way of telling us to start afresh.

But we often don’t feel the excitement that comes with a new beginning, at the start of a new day.

Have you thought about why?

Because we start a new day with the baggage of the previous day and the burden of the day ahead.

What if we erased the day that was once we get to sleep or a little earlier. 

I practice this by closing all my tabs on my laptop after I finish my day’s work and switching off my phone before I go to bed.

My friend Derek Sivers does it even better. He periodically organizes all his files and moves them to a trusted system, clearing his computer.

Benjamin Franklin had an evening ritual of putting things in their place in the evening.

The idea is not to erase life but what gets in the way of life.

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