Use Different Rituals to Stay Calm and In Control

Rituals are anchors that help build powerful habits.

It’s best to have yearly, quarterly, monthly, weekly, and daily rituals.

Here are different rituals you can build for each of these:

Yearly – review (personal, professional, and financial), reflection, goal setting, long break, 

Quarterly – review, short break, goal setting

Monthly – meeting your mastermind community, goals, shorter break, finances check

Weekly – fast, review, reflection, setting up a schedule for the week ahead, talking to those who are right outside your inner circle but are important to you, nurturing your next work, inbox zero

Daily – sleep, movement, meditation, nourishment, work on your most important task (MIT) first thing in the day, putting things back in their place

What I have shared is indicative. Make this your own based on your priorities.

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