Winners Struggle Like Everyone Else but They Find Their Way Around Their Challenges

Those you admire because of their success and how they roll didn’t have their act together when you thought they did.

They still have the struggles that come with growth.

The difference between non-starters and them is that,

They didn’t wait to learn enough before they started doing it.

They didn’t wait for the perfect moment.

They didn’t wait to save enough to go do whatever they wanted to do;

They didn’t wait until next year.

They didn’t sit back when they encountered a roadblock. They found their way around it.

They had their demons like overthinking, procrastination and fear through relentless action.

They fell and got back up and marched ahead.

They course-corrected but didn’t stop.

They won despite all the challenges because they didn’t accept defeat.

The lesson here is that action in the face of challenge and will to fight and keep on going until one wins, makes one a winner. And, anyone can be one. You, I, all of us.

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