A Simple Plan for a Well-Rounded Life

Life is multidimensional. 

To live well, one needs good health, mental balance and peace, knowledge and wisdom, good relationships, and means to take care of one’s own and family’s needs.

We are all born with a certain degree of physical and mental health, mental strength, and social skills. Like some of us are born introverts and other extroverts.

But we can’t sit on what is given and accept it as our fate.

We also can’t be complacent. We need to take care of what’s given to us.

Here is a simple plan, to take care of ourselves from all angles and live a well-rounded life.

Plan for a fit body. Eat clean and move. To move, whether you run, walk, lift weight or do yoga is up to you.

Plan for mental peace and strength. Meditate and spend time in nature and if you are inclined and believe in it, chant for 25-30 minutes a day.

Plan to develop intelligence and wisdom. Read books, and stop putting garbage in your head.

Plan for making money. Get better at what you do by learning and taking courses, consistently and also by working to a schedule. Show up every day and work on your big goal first thing in the morning. It also affects your mental peace, because when you finish a big goal first thing in the morning, your confidence and satisfaction increase and there is no anxiety. It compounds over weeks and months, and you become supremely confident and satisfied.

For healthy relationships. Keep yourself in the best shape, make money, and don’t spend so much time making money that you don’t have time for relationships. Spend time with your loved ones every day.

Often we make our lives unnecessarily complex but it is as simple if you want to implement it in your life.

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