7 Ways to Supercharge Your Email Marketing

This is for those who already understand the value of email marketing and do it often,

Here is how you can be ahead in the email marketing game and continue your connection with your audience for a win-win.

1/ Mail your list regularly, even if you can’t write a word-class email. If people forget you they won’t trust you enough to open your email.

2/ Always send a test mail to yourself before sending. This makes sure all links work and the email looks the way you want it to.

3/ Fall in love with uns-ubscriptions. This means you’ll have those who are not interested in what you say. Of course, keep net positive growth, by adding new subscribers on a regular basis.

4/ Use automation to welcome people who get on your list and to ask about their challenges and make an offer.

5/ Work on your subject line, it is the difference between someone opening or not opening your email.

6/ Make people on your list feel special by offering something unique. I recently ran a book giveaway and it got people involved.

7/ Test. Without it you won’t know what works and what does not. Sometimes what you try may fail. Try again until you find what works.

What else will you add here?

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