Learning > Experience Plus the Magic of Deliberate Practice

We gain experience through regular or naive practice.

We learn through deliberate practice.

An entrepreneur with 10 years of experience is savvier than when she started, through the experience she got.

And a writer becomes better with time, as she gains experience.

Same for human beings with life experience.

But there is a limit to how much one can grow with experience.

If you want to get a grip of how much you can grow, try learning by way of deliberate practice instead of naive practice.

Naive or regular practice includes mindless repetition.

You do deliberate practice to reach a specific goal.

It is systematic. The system includes – what you are trying to gain, how you’ll improve performance, how often you practice, how you will get feedback, measuring progress, and using data and feedback to improve your performance.

Often the focus is on improving specific skills or aspects of what you are trying to get good at.

Getting quick feedback makes deliberate practice more effective.

The feedback can come from someone else or you can reflect and take notes about what you can do better next and what mistake you can avoid on the next try.

Then go back for the next repetition. Rinse and repeat in quick succession.

The growth you see through this approach will be exponential.

To gain more out of this, get out of your comfort zone. Do things that seem impossible or totally out of reach.

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