Kill Your Small Goals To Achieve Big Goals

Challenges and lack of resources don’t keep us from winning big.

Focusing on small goals does.

Why is that?

Because we make easy choices.

And, focusing on small goals is easy because the path to achieve small goals is less complex than the path to achieving big goals.

So between the clearly defined path to smaller goals and obstacle-laden not so clear path to the bigger goal, we often choose the easy path.

At times people think that I can pursue small and big goals together. 

In this situation, they end up investing most of their focus, energy, and time on the small goal, leaving nothing for the big goal. They don’t want to risk what is close, clear, and easy in pursuit of the bigger goal.  

The point is that it helps to kill the small goals to clear your time, headspace, and resources for the big goals.

It is ok if it does not happen instantly, just plan for it and do it at some point.

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