Getting on the phone is a competitive advantage, a moat

At one point I was a naive founder who had discovered blogging, and later selling through email and words.

At that time I thought that blogging and email marketing are smart ways of growing your business, and for a while I refused to look beyond.

Over time, I realized that blogging and email are useful for marketing, but there are better ways to sell.

That’s why when I launched the new iteration of my digital marketing agency in 2015, we did have a blog on the website.

We were very strategic about it. We started most of our outreach with cold emails, and from there quickly took it to a phone call and in person meeting.

This was one of two big revelations at that point, another being that low paying clients are a bigger pain than those paying 3-5x higher monthly retainer.

And, since then my belief in the power of getting people on the phone has only grown and I have used it to close high value deals over a call and a follow up email.

There is a reason why billion dollar brands who swell to enteroose invest so much more in SDRs and sales reps.

So, if you sell high ticket services, consulting or software products, get your prospects on a call as soon as you can.

And you will see how quickly it will become a competitive advantage for you because not everyone is doing it.

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