Past Success Helps, Find Yours As Soon As You Can

Your past success can’t guarantee future success.

If you are an author who wrote two books, like me, your third book won’t write itself.

You’ll have to do the work.

But your past success helps too.

In more ways than one.

It creates a portfolio that builds your credibility.

Makes it easy for others to trust you.

And with work under your belt, your craft also improves.

So what took you months earlier may take only weeks or days.

With success, you find momentum, that brings new opportunities your way that you didn’t know existed.

For next success you need ideas. To have good ideas, you have to keep trying stuff.

And, your past success in most cases also gives you financial cushion.

That allows you to take bigger risks and make bigger bets.

So you can try more stuff, and come up more ideas and increase your chances of success.

The lesson here is to try and find your first success as soon as you can and build on it.

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