8 Ways an Agency Owner Can Put the 80–20 Rule To Use [Pareto Principle: The Agency Owner Special]

The 80-20 rule, also known as the Pareto Principle, asserts that 80% of outcomes result from 20% of all inputs.

Here is how it applies to agency business and how the founder can use it to her advantage.

Figure Out And
1Which 20% of clients bring 80% of profits/revenuesFocus on them
2Which 20% of clients create 80% of headachesFire them
3Which 20% of employees bring 80% of performanceNurture and train them
4Which 20% of employees create 80% of headachesFire them
5Which 20% of activities create 80% results and revenues for youDo more of them and reduce the rest 80%
6Which 20% of services/solutions bring 80% results for clientsFocus on those services because clients are happy to pay for results. Your business will grow faster
7Which 20 people make you most comfortable and do the best for you. Include family and friends — include select clients if they belong in this group. Start with yourself. Why? Because you can’t enjoy success if not fulfilledFocus on these 20 before you attend to the next 80
8.Which 20% part of the work day you are most productiveSchedule your most impact/growth-creating action during that time.

Do you already do any of these intuitively?

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