Many Ways To Learn. This One Is As Good as It Gets

In a world crazy about doing your own thing, jobs get a bad rap.

But nothing beats learning on the job, especially with no experience.

The problem is finding the right person to learn from

Find someone who is doing what you want to.

If your goal is efficient learning and growth, give it a year.

Instead of being in a long-term job, do 3-6 months tours of duties.

Always get into a role where you can execute or at least watch someone else do what you want.

Document whatever you learn, and apply what you learn to a passion project.

Pick four small learning areas and devote 3 months to each.

You can also pick four important subsets of a big topic and learn each.

For example, if you want to establish yourself as a marketer, then devote 3 months each to copywriting, storytelling, video ads, and LinkedIn growth.

Of course, you can choose differently.

Whatever you do, don’t leave it to chance and make your learning plan.

Good luck learning and growing. 🙂

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