Importance of a Pacer in Life

A pacer in running helps other runners maintain a steady pace.

For this, she has to run at a steady pace for long distances. She has to be a good runner herself.

People in other fields also can get a lot of value from working with a pacer, especially when the journey is long and arduous like building a business or writing a book.

In running a business a co-founder or a coach or both can act as a pacer. 

Book writing also becomes less taxing, a joy even, with a coach who is patient, understands your goals and where you are coming from, and is well versed with the craft of writing a book.

This is because you can discuss your doubts with a pacer and ask questions. In turn, the pacer keeps you accountable and makes sure that you don’t lose sight of the prize.

Have you worked with someone who was like a pacer for you?

How did it change things for you?

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