Two Kinds of Doubts

When we are in doubt, we experience a feeling of uncertainty or lack of conviction.

During the journey of life, we experience many doubts.

Today I want to discuss two of these doubts.

There is a kind of doubt that most of us experience, the kind that stops us in our tracks. 

I call it the beginner’s doubt.

This is the doubt that comes holding hands with fear. This doubt tells us that we can’t succeed. It appears even before we start doing something worth doing. This doubt is the reason for most failures and unfulfilled dreams.

What if all of us who experienced this doubt, didn’t ignore and tried what we want to do?

Do you think if you did all that you thought of doing, your life will be different?

There are many of us, who are further along in life. We have experienced success, big and small. And, there is a type of doubt that plague us. 

The performer’s doubt.

This doubt gets us to ask these kinds of questions:

Am I good enough? 

Will people like me? 

Will I be able to finish what I have started? 

Is it worth it?

Those who take action despite this doubt, see bigger successes and reach a fearless state, where anything is possible.

Rare is the human who does not doubt herself. There are those who stop when the doubt appears. Then there are the ones who keep moving to find glory and success waiting for them.

Who are you?

Are you the one who realizes that to doubt is human and still keeps going towards what she wants?


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