This One Thing Will Make You Rich

Just develop an eye to see the problems around you.

And then solve these problems for other people.

Solve it even when they don’t pay you.

So if you have to, solve your problems first.

Chances are if you have a problem, other people like you have it too.

Once you have sold it for yourself, convert it into a product, service, software, book, speech or a course.

All businesses in the world operate like this.

Even the ones where you don’t think the product is not solving a problem.

For example, luxury brands solve the problem of prestige or the lack of it, more than anything.

So, once you start solving problems of people who have money, truckloads of wealth will be waiting for you.

If you are in a competitive market, do it cheaper, faster, better than others. Not all at same time any two will do.

Because when you solve problems for people with money, eventually they’ll queue up to pay you.

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