Don’t Just Create. Create Quality, and Do It Often.

Creators are told to believe in the process.

That is helpful because consistency is important if we have to make anything significant out of what we create.

But this is not the complete advice.

Because producing average quality of work consistently won’t take you far.

Frequency is important because you need a certain quantity and repetition to improve your craft. So once a week is better than once a month.

And, when you are creating quantity, with decent quality, the quest for improvement is important.

For that one must learn from those who are head, from the books and get feedback and then implement than feedback.

By doing this you make your own luck. 

And like Seth Godin suggests in his new book “The Practice”, focus on what you control – your routine, habits, and what you make. Take feedback to improve your practice but focus on input first and foremost.

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