As an Entrepreneur, You Work for Many Bosses. Is It Bad?

This is not bad.

Because when you serve multiple bosses (your customers) they all pay and you earn in multiples of what you earn if you only serve one boss, which is what almost everyone in a job does.

So, it is good for your pocket.

But it may not be good for your mental state if you took as much time to serve each of your bosses as an entrepreneur, as you’d do to serve one boss.

You will be overworked, and will burn out in no time, and even when you are working you will not be able to take on many bosses.

The key to serve many bosses at once is to not serve them all yourself.

Instead bring tools and people to create efficient systems to deliver what you sell.

And, to save mental hassle of managing expectations, which is big when working with another human, do not sell multiple products or customized solutions.

Create a standard product or service with 2-3 variations, that does not take special skills to deliver and still creates value.

It does two things.

One, it makes things easy to manage.

Two, you don’t need super star high cost employees to deliver these.

One is good for the mind and two is good for the pocket so both your goals are served.

If you have been waiting to quit your job, quit as soon as you have 12-24 months of money saved and a side-hustle going.

If you are in your twenty then it is okay to do it with 12-months of runway.

Do it because managing 10 bosses is not 10 times tougher than managing one boss, that people do when they are in a job.

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