The Magic of a One-Person Business

With a one-person business, you are the owner and the employee, you are the creator and the seller.

In such a business, you do almost everything yourself and what you can’t do, you get help.

You can build by developing software and selling it on a self-serve model like Pieter Levels does with RemoteOk.

Or you can run a web design business with a small group of high-end clients who are a fan of your work.

Or you can choose to be a creator.

The magic is in the freedom that it offers, which is not there if you have a team to manage.

In such a business, when the right systems and tools are used, you,

  • Live a chaos-free life
  • Work when you want to
  • Don’t have to manage a team
  • Work in your zone of genius most of the time
  • Keep all the money you make

And as a bonus, there is lots of satisfaction, and no meetings.

It may not be for those who want to build a corporation, a unicorn, or those who want to be on a magazine cover.

For others, it can be a good way to live the life they want.

Do you fancy running a business like this?

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