How To Build a Chaos Free Business

Running a business is tough for most people.

It is a lesson in self-growth, those who commit to this growth knowingly or unknowingly sail through it.

For those who don’t, their business suffers and eventually perishes.

But running a business does not have to be tough.

For someone who has come from the background of running a business that makes them feel that their life is all about running that business, from morning to night, day after day, it is hard to believe that they can build a business that is free of chaos.

A business that is built on the power of systems, the right customers, and efficient employees or partners.

If you want to build a business like that, start with the right intention.

Believe that a business that runs without sacrificing all your life’s precious time can exist.

And such a business can make enough money, in fact, it can make lots of it. Of course, it cannot make the most money.

But like every business, it will take an effort in the beginning and you gotta be intentional about it.

You have to say no to opportunities that take you away from building a chaos-free, system-driven business.

Design it like a machine.

Write down everything you want out of this business and what all, especially how much time you want to give it.

A high ticket coaching business or a direct-to-consumer (D2C) business with a differentiated product can be a business like that.

Both don’t need many people to run them.

For high ticket coaching, you can reach big revenue numbers by serving 100, 500, or 1000 clients depending on your price point.

And a D2C brand can sell the same products to millions of people-powered by e-commerce without deploying a big team. You can outsource production, logistics, parts of marketing, and even research.

There are many more businesses like that. Just start by how much time you want to spend day to day, or week on week, what you’ll sell and how you’ll sell.

Happy exploring.

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