One Career, Five Jobs

Looking for career progression?

Then you may have to go through five jobs to experience it.

The first job is when you get your first one. And, you should not sweat much about how that one is.

The second job is where you learn. So, work to maximize your learnings there. Late nights, extra hustle, learning over evenings and weekend is all cool.

Your third job is the one that pays you. By the time you come this, invest time learning to negotiate, and build a formidable body of work, that increases your pay in multiples.

Fourth job is where you get in the driver’s seat. Where you call the shots.

And your fifth job is where you build your legacy.

Don’t try to hack it by thinking you can be in each job for 6-8 months and get to the fifth job and build your legacy. 

It won’t work like that, you gotta stay put.

If you are lucky you may get all five jobs in one or two companies. But most people will have to jump ship. 

Don’t be in a hurry, and give yourself 4-6 months between taking a decision to move to a new job and actually doing it. And, know it may take 10-20 years, with 18 months to 60 months at each job.

Are you ready for it?

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