Getting Stuff Done 2.0

How do you make your dreams come true?

You do it by working. But the mindless work cannot make our dreams true. We can live in the illusion of working and get almost nothing done.

So, it is important to get stuff done.

How does one do that?

How to Get Stuff Done?

A lot has been said about this but over the years I have realized that if you keep following in mind, you get a lot done.

1/ Don’t Lose Momentum

The simplest way to do this is to ship daily i.e. release whatever you make.

You may be making words, pictures, video, or code if you do it daily and put it out for others to see there is no way you can lose momentum. Even in case of big projects break them into daily and weekly shipping goals.

2/ Don’t Reinvent The Wheel

In today’s world you don’t need to start anything from scratch there is already a lot of work that’s been done and you can build on top of that.

In case you are building something proprietary, even then you can build repeatable processes for others to follow after it’s been done the first time.

Always get the first person doing something, record their process, and put it in a place where others can see it. Always mention – mistakes – with a note that says, “watch out for these mistakes and roadblocks”.

3/ Don’t Work On Something That You Don’t Believe In

This is philosophical but super important, maybe the most important of all.

That’s why you shouldn’t try building a startup in a field that you are not passionate about, and just because it looks like a good opportunity. If you do that every day will be a drag and you will be frustrated, and sooner or later you’ll reach a point where you’ll quit after wasting precious years of your life.

Hope you’ll use these ideas to rethink what you are working on, and you’ll document all that you work on often, and take daily action.

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