The No-guilt Hour

Happy Hour

This ain’t me.

Do you think people are lazy?

I don’t think so. There may be some (I am one at times…) but not all of them.

People, these days, work during the day, in the evening and over weekends.

We are living in times – where people work – a little too much.

If you are a “too much work” person – then you need to rethink what you have been doing.

I’d suggest – care less and do not worry about work when you are sitting in front of the box (TV for  uninitiated or Xbox) or with friends. It is OK to act a little weird at times.

Schedule time for guilt-free fun – an hour or so.. every day. More so on the days that you call holiday.

A day or two.. every week – total fun – nothing else.

If you do it, you be will be happier and more efficient during rest of the week; because you will not be thinking about fun and experiences that you want to have and will be more present at work. It is like giving your brain the food it wants – so that it no longer thinks about eating – and can focus on other things. Good thing – you can over eat but can’t have (over) fun. So it is cool to go all out.

Active is better than passive. It means – going for a walk with friends is better than a session of World of Warcraft.  Those of us who work sitting all day – have more reasons to move. There are already discussions going on about sitting being a lethal activity?

But if your work days are hectic then it is good to sit back and chill.

If you need to be creative (who doesn’t) then also it makes sense.  Albert Einstein is thought to have  conceived the theory of relativity  while riding his bicycle.

Now you have the info, you just need to act.

Have fun today 🙂 It makes sense to stop for a moment.

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