7 Important Points for New Meditators

Someone asked me a great question:

What would I do if I were starting meditation from scratch?

My answer:

  1. Do it the first thing every day before life takes over
  2. Start small. 5 minutes is good. Even 1 minute is good if you want to
  3. Don’t skip two days in a row. Because when you do that it is easy to 
  4. Get someone to guide you. Find a teacher or use guided meditations from an app like Calm.
  5. Put your buttocks on a cushion or thin pillow. It makes it easy to keep your spine straight and that in turn helps with staying alert and aware during meditation.
  6. Don’t overeat if you want to commit to meditation because when you are full or lethargic it is tough to meditate. Eventually, because of how meditation works you’ll want to stop when full.
  7. Remove all friction. There is value in creating a separate space for meditation but it is not worth it if it keeps you away from meditation. Meditate in bed if that helps you turn it into a habit.

And then notice how your reactions to situations change.

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