Learning by Teaching: My Experience

I am a keen learner and try to learn new things from every experience.

Sometimes intuitively and sometimes by thinking about my experiences.

Today after working with the team of a startup I advise I was thinking about learning that happens when you are teaching, sharing, and brainstorming about ideas.

And, I realized I love this kind of learning because it is effortless and fun.

It is effortless because it is based on past experiences, skills, and personal perspectives.

Fun because there are people and conversations involved.

How fun you want this experience to be, depends on what your style is and if you know that humor and storytelling do not dilute the learning experience but add to it and make it more interesting for the learners.

For best learning even when you are teaching or training, involve the learners and get them to come up with ideas. 

In the end, you will be richer with their perspective.

And, when it is all done, don’t forget to document the ideas you come up with through brainstorming and then share this with the learners and ask them to add their thoughts to it real-time then the way you will not end up with learning, and ideas only but expanded ideas that can be implemented in real life.

What kind of learning do you enjoy?

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