A New Coaching Model

Savvy coaches who teach courses do live sessions.

To help their coaching clients move forward they give workbooks and tasks to do later.

This leaves too much room for procrastination and not getting things done.

That’s why not everyone who gets into a course, gets value or moves forward.

There is another model that you can put to use.

In this hybrid model, we flip the approach partially.

So people learn on their own using pre-recorded videos.

They also do the tasks beforehand and then come to a live session to just discuss their challenges and get help.

For making sure that they stay on track, the coach sets them with an accountability buddy.

Two people together, keeping each other accountable, and making sure both are learning and doing what they need to do to move forward.

This helps because calls with discussions are interactive and never boring.

Because the challenges are discussed live, there is no back and forth over messages and emails. So this approach is much more efficient for everyone involved.

And, the accountability buddy makes sure that another person does not go off track.

If you are a coach or consultant, try and see how this approach works for you.

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