Let Energy Lead You

Have you been dreading working on something?

Are you unhappy with your career choices?

Are you missing deadlines?

Have you been bored lately?

All this can be because your heart is not in what you have to do.

The usual advice will be to push through and to start work and continue it and you’ll find excitement and growth.

But today I am not giving you the usual advice.

So, let energy lead you.

See what generates energy and make it your vocation.

And see what depletes your energy and drop that.

Because the stuff that generates energy is play, even when others call it work.

And what depletes energy is work.

So find work that equals play for.

If you don’t like your current work, find the parts of it that you find play and see how you can do more of it, and grow energy.

This way you can stop and start playing.

While still moving forward.

Would you like that?

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