Stop Doing Almost Everything To Be Productive

You need a change in mindset for this to happen.

So instead of asking what all you can do in a given day or time, you ask yourself what is one single thing that you need to do, to win big.

Then start dropping everything else apart from it.

To do it, either delete, automate or delegate, all that is not the single most important thing.

To make a big difference to your productivity, don’t stop there.

Deploy all the time you free up for the single thing you need to win. 

But don’t overwork yourself because you need leisure hours to ideate, read and learn and let the ideas cross pollinate.

If you were working 8 hours earlier and spending 2 hours on your one thing, and 6 hours on other stuff.

By deleting, automating and delegating, you free up 6 hours.

Now take 3 hours out of those and add to 2 hours that you were already spending on your single most important thing.

This way, you’ll now be spending 5 hours on this thing.

The key is to not overwork yourself, but still have more time to spend on what matters most.

So, now in the new scenario you will be spending 2.5x time on your one thing and still have enough leisure time to spark off new ideas and creativity.

Do it to see its impact.

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