Mornings Matter, Don’t Let Anyone Tell You Otherwise

Have you read those articles with a title like 8 things successful people do before 8 am.

And cringed because it looked like a hack that won’t work for you?

If yes, then take a pause and think about the reason why the top CEOs wake up really early.

Because they have to do a lot.

Have you thought that the reverse may also be true?

They ended up where they are because they have been waking up super early for a long time to get a headstart on their day, and accomplished a lot in the process. And it paved the way for them to be so successful.

Even if you are a CEO, give an early morning start a shot.

If not for anything, do it for the fact that in the morning our energy levels are high and we don’t have the decision fatigue that we experience after taking small/big decisions throughout the day.

So get up as early as you can, and then without wasting time, do what matters to you.

There is a method to the madness. So sleep early if you want to get early, note what you want to do in a day or during the early morning, the day before, drink water and/or splash it on your face to change your environment and state of mind, feel your mind with good thoughts by reading or listening to a book, and feed your soul with a prayer, and then spend an hour or two to help move towards your life’s biggest goal.

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