The Best Investment Ever

It is the investment you make in yourself.

Don’t wait for when you’ll have more money.

Start today.

Whatever you make today or this week or this month, set aside a reasonable percentage out of that (0.5 – 15%) in your growth.

Lead with an investment that can give you short-term returns.

So if you make $2000 and choose to invest 5% a month ($100) in your own growth, then pick something that can make you $500.

You can use this money to build a side project, or an online asset or to learn a new skill that makes you more valuable in the market.

Don’t think $100 can take you far?

Think again. A LinkedIn learning subscription at $19/month, opens up a world of opportunities and possibilities for you. Learn and apply. If you are smart you can use the first month’s free subscription offer to get started.

For $11 a year you can get a domain and for $19 a year you can build a neat landing page on Carrd. Use this to sell a service or a knowledge-based product.  

Now your next month’s self-growth investment budget is $125. If you do it right in 9-10 months you’ll increase this budget to $500-1500 per month. If you can turn a $100 investment in yourself into a $500 opportunity, imagine what you can do with $1000 a month.

Imagine what kind of return over a 3-10 year horizon you would get. It will be massive.

You just need to get started.

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