Find Your Knowledge and People, and Apply What You Learn

Everything you ever want to do,

Someone else has done it before.

Everything you want to learn about,

There is a book about it.

To learn how to do it and be that person,

Find that person, meet them, ask questions and seek guidance.

Find that book, read it, take notes, and list action items.

Put all that you learn to use, and one day at a time, you’ll start getting closer to becoming the person you wanted to be.

The best way to get access to an otherwise busy person (which most people worth talking to are) is to buy something they made – a book, a course, or coaching if they offer that.

The best way to find good books to read is to start with the obvious bestsellers. Once you have read 2-3 bestsellers on a topic, ask for recommendations from people you trust and those who are already doing what you want to do.

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