Making Money Off Your Art

Are you the lucky one?

Have you found your art?

[Art here is an umbrella term for anything that lets you be yourself, and brings you joy and satisfaction?

Your art can be anything painting, writing, running a business, speaking, cooking, singing, playing music, sports – nothing is off limits here.]

If you have found your art then chances are you have already thought about making money off your art.

It is tempting.

But if you rush into it, you may lose out on the joy of making your art. And, joy is something that brings an artist to it in the first place.

Making money from your art is not bad. But pushing it may not be the right path.

Let it happen organically. Until that happens, keep doing it as if you are on a parallel path. And, if you absolutely need to sell your art do it to serve your needs and not your wants.

If you are still in the exploring not sure where your passion lies, keep trying to find what brings you joy and satisfaction unlike anything else. It is worth it even if take years.

Have you tried making money off your art? What has your experience been like?


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