Turning Pro

Yesterday I wrote about why most of us should put off making money from our art.

But if you are a brave heart and are ready to make your art your main thing then you’ll need to change.

This change starts in the mind.

When you decide that along with the upside of turning pro, you will accept the downside also.

Upside is getting your art seen by a bigger audience and opportunity to make money off it.

But along with it,

  • You’ll accept that your art will be subject to stricter scrutiny.
  • You’ll have to commit to making art in the hours when you don’t want to create.
  • You’ll no longer do it as per your mood but based on a schedule that you decide for yourself.
  • And, you will commit to fighting the resistance that every artist faces in the form of the writer’s block, or being busy with things that are not art.

If you are willing to create in the face of these challenges and situations then you should think about turning pro.


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