Energy Management > Time Management. Here Are 3 Tips To Manage Your Energy.

When you have the energy you’ll find time to do what needs to be done.

The reverse is not true.  

So even when you have time, you can’t find the energy to do something you want to do.

Try these three things to manage your energy.

1 / Take time to understand when you have the most energy and schedule your most important tasks in a day then.

2 / Figure out what gives you the most energy and also what sucks the energy out of you. Then do more of what gives you energy and use that energy to do whatever you want.

3 / Look at what you are eating and drinking and how it affects your energy. Change it to improve your energy levels. Works the same for content you consume.

Try these and see how it makes you more efficient without worrying about managing your time all the time.

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