A Mindless Effort Is Dangerous

Work hard enough and you’ll be successful.

We hear it often.

It can’t be farther from the truth.

It is so common to see people who are grinding for years and go nowhere.

What about those doing manual labor?

A good work ethic is important but it alone won’t make anyone successful, unless you add another important ingredient to the mix. It is your direction or what you bet your time on.

But if you care about your time more, don’t stop at the work ethic and what you work on. Spend time thinking about what you want from life.

Once you figure that out, see if what you are working on is aligned with what you want. If it is, then you’ll be in for a real win.

Without thinking about what you want you may win at what you were working on, and still end up unhappy. Without this, you may work for years without realizing that what you are working on is not what you want.  

So take time to think about what you want and only then deploy your work ethic.

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