Simple Productivity

Sleep when time, work when alert and effective.

Sleeping part is simple. 

Go to bed not too late at night. Why? Because as per Ayurveda pitta in body repairs our cognitive functions and repairs other wear and tear that goes on through the day.

Finding when we are most effective is a bit tricky and will take a lot of trial and error.

Tyring one work window, one week and another in a different week.

And then switching the kind of work we do during those hours.

It can also be made simple.

By starting work when sun rises, resting a bit when sun is at peak, and stopping it when sun sets.

It may not be possible in locations when the Sun does not shine as bright.

There, just work between 8am-5pm. And you don’t have to work during all those hours. Just find a window that works for you and when you are most effective.

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