Make the Minutes Count and Hours Will Take Care of Itself

I was talking with my little sister.

And we were discussing how we work.

I told her how a few years back I used to only work on something when I was settled and had a good hour or two to work on something.

But then I realized that I was missing out on tackling small tasks that don’t need long uninterrupted time to tackle them.

When I started doing this I opened up uninterrupted hours to work on more important projects. And, during those hours I could focus better because I had already taken care of the small things.

The truth is we leave so many 10-20 minute pockets that are available for us to use. If we make use of them, we can get a lot done and take off the pressure on our maker hours.

It matters because whatever time we have today is gone, whether we use it or not so better if we put those to work.

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