Rethinking Your Choices

It is not uncommon to rethink your choices.

Especially when challenges come, when we feel weak or stuck.

This can be with any choice – choice to be in a job, to become an employee, being friends with someone, a relationship or any other choice.

In such times, when rethinking those choices, think about the trade offs.

Think about why you made a certain choice and are you willing to forego the benefits that came with it. Also think if what made you rethink a person or situation is bad enough for you to forego the benefit.

For example, most people get in a job for risk free earning. So if you leave a job, you lose the monthly paycheck.

As an entrepreneur, you choose to make your own decisions and test your ideas to create value and make a living and live a certain lifestyle. When you stop being an entrepreneur, you no longer are able to live that lifestyle that comes with being an entrepreneur.

So in the moment of doubt when you are rethinking your choices, think about what you value more, the cost or the benefit and decide.

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