Want to Succeed In____________, Increase Your Runway

Want success?

In building a startup.

In creating a new invention.

In exploring your passion and figure out what you are really passionate about and what you can excel at.

In going after any other worthwhile mission you have.

Then do one thing, increase your runway.

Save as much as you can as soon as you can.

So that you can spend a few years going after what you want.

This works because most of the time people fail because they quit.

And more often than not they quit because they need to keep the monetary engine running and need to do something else to take care of it.

But if you have that part taken care of, it is likely that you’ll figure it out.

It does not imply that an unending runway will ensure success. 


Because if this was the case, everyone who is born rich would find success at what they do.

They don’t because those who fail don’t have an important ingredient which is a burning desire to make something work.

So consider yourselves blessed if you don’t have an unlimited runway but have a burning desire to succeed at what you are after.

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