This is Your Own Tribe

You and I make this tribe.

The community that lives on this site.

And, you are special.

Because you are reading this. It means you are paying attention.

Attention is not cheap. It is the most precious thing there is. So while I have your attention. I want to thank you for being here.

I wish that you’ll come back again and often.

Here is what you should know.

My writing and work are for people who are looking for change themselves for better. People like knowledge workers, artists, and entrepreneurs.

I am glad if that’s you.

That means my work and my writing is for you.

Through my work, I try to make you hope more, fear less and not be ok with stagnation. I also try to change myself bit by bit. At times, I go back two steps and after moving one step forward. But the next day, I try to move three steps forward so that I am one step forward from where I started.

I write to help you move ahead in whatever you are doing. My intention is to make you think on a good day and give a little nudge to try and be better on other days.

How Can We Make It More Useful for Each Other?

Success and growth do not come from reading only. I encourage you to think and ask questions.

Share your challenges. I’ll go first. My challenge is to know your challenges and share ideas to tackle those challenges. We may not succeed always. But at least I’ll try.

So, help me help you. Let me know what is on your mind, what are you struggling with?

You can mail me – mohit [at] mohitpawar [dot] com, or

Write below in comments.


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