Here is How to Make a Living on the Internet

Do the math.

And, plan backwards.

See if you can live on $36,500 a year.

Now you need to break it into a daily revenue goal, which is… you guessed it right $100/day.

Now you only need to think about how to get to that $100 per day or $3000/month number.

You can either sell done-for-you services to 3 clients at $1000 a piece.

Or create a $50 dollar mini-course and get two people to buy in a day.

Both will take different approaches.

Let’s discuss the mini-course for a bit.

So for a mini-course that is at $50, you can’t run ads and be profitable. So you have to rely on an organic approach.

You can take either the SEO route or the credibility route.

Both are long term plays, and will take good 6-12 months to build.

It is likely that 5 people out of 100 who visit will buy your course, given that your course is good. So to get two people to buy, you’ll need 40 people to see the page where your course is hosted. It can be a teachable page or a podia page or a page on your website.

Good news is that you don’t need to start at 40 people. Start with 1 person a day, make it 2, 4, 6 and 8 people per day in subsequent weeks.

You can reach 1, 2, 3, 4, 6 people a day just by emailing people you know. To reach 3 people per day, you just need to email less than 100 people in a month.

And then those who respond ask for referrals. Ask then who they know, who will find what you sell yourself. Then get them to send a message, mail to those people, using a message draft you’ll share with them. The draft will basically talk about the value of what you are offering and that you are that person’s friend, and they will love for their friend to check out your course.

Using this approach we built a 13,000+ people list for our digital marketing course in 59 days.

So this way from 100 people you can easily go to 1000 people in 3 months via this method. Just by emailing 3 people a day during the first month and taking it from there. And if 1000 people visit your page it is likely that 20 people will buy so that is $1000 in revenue.

And your email need not be custom. Same draft updated based on your relationship with the person.

Keep on repeating this and on the side keep on building your tribe.

The sales will be easy if you know what you are talking about and when you have an audience. Everyone starts with a zero audience and it is ok if you start there.

Choose your platform and keep sharing useful content based on your expertise. Over time people will start trusting you and will start asking you questions. Guide them. And from time to time, keep on sharing about your offerings.

Within 12 months of starting, you can call it a success.

And once you are there, you can set your eyes higher. 

And $50,000, $100,000 or $200,000 is doable in 2nd or 3rd year.

The process there is the same.

Break it into a daily goal. See how you’ll reach that number and do that.

And at the core it will be emailing people, asking them to recommend a platform, posting content on your chosen platform, and helping people by answering questions and from time to time, talking about your course on that platform.

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