Life-Changing Magic of Creating Long-Form Content

Long form content can change your life.

At the very least it can create a unique asset for you.

My digital marketing book which opened big doors of opportunity and credibility for me, was nothing but 20+ long form pieces of content organized as chapters inside a book.

I have used my long term content to build trust and build highly lucrative client relationships across the world.

You got to give it to make it work for you.

To put it in practice write 3-4 long form posts, that showcase your capabilities and then make sure that right people see it.

Don’t rely on SEO. Just email people. Those who need to see what you write.

And even better run targeted ads on those pieces with a small daily budget to give your knowledge feet.

And, once you start seeing some results, up your game, by writing a mega post, aiming to make it among the best 10 pieces on that topic.

It may take a month or two to create such content, but the results will be 10x when it comes to showcasing what you can do and building your credibility.

And once or twice a year, make a mega piece of content, focus it on your brand, like Mailchimp does with its annual report or an educational piece that aims to be the best in the world on that topic.

By doing this over 12-18 months you can stand out in your industry even if you start from scratch.

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