Here Is How To Build an Authentic Personal Brand and Witness Real Growth

Live everyday as fully as possible.

Be curious. Observe things.

Learn and implement what you are learning.

Take many small bets and then use that leverage to take big bets.

Through this maximize upside, till the point the risk is minimal.

Make sure that you are able to live to see another day.

Ship your ideas.

Show your work.

Connect and put the spotlight on others who are doing good work. This is optional but the impact it has on visibility and growth is massive so do it if you can.

Document your learnings and share them on a consistent basis.

You may not have built something big or significant so far still.

In that case share what you are learning by doing, what you are doing.

Because people appreciate original insights more than regurgitated prose.

When sharing, always aim to make the life of those who are reading, listening or watching, better.

Be consistent but don’t worry if you don’t get a viral hit on day 1 or day 100.

Aim to become a good storyteller. It always helps. In personal conversations, in public sharing and in selling and more.

Always play the long game.

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